I’ve spent the last year at college challenging myself to step out in my faith and diligently follow the commandments the God has given us. I have always been a Christian, or at least a professed Christian. I went to church when I deemed necessary, prayed when I needed God, and talked about God when the conversation popped up. As I like to explain to people, I didn’t really take my faith seriously, not because I didn’t care to follow Christ, but more because I didn’t quite know HOW to follow Christ.

It can be difficult to be a Christian in this society, especially when we are also labeled “millennials” which has developed a negative connotation to it. Being a millennial has grown to mean that we are lazy, spoiled, and incapable. Not only that but I have noticed that the high school and college age kids are also the ones that are leaving the church at an alarming rate and questioning the Christian faith and not receiving answers. How can we as Christians grow if we never have the opportunity to ask questions, receive answers, and grow in our faiths?

My purpose in writing this blog is to share my experiences with questions and challenges. I am a college student studying the Christian religion, but I am not close to having all of the answers. I do not want to write to my peers as a superior in Christian knowledge, but as someone who wants to grow through what I have to write and hopefully help others in their walk as well.


Photo Credit to Allison LoPrete


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